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Assessing the Kecksburg Incident and Nazi Bell Theory

Kecksburg UFO

Oh where to start with this one. Rarely in UFO history do we have 2 major conspiracy laced UFO theories totally cross over and merge into one giant doozy of a conspiracy as we have with the Kecksburg Incident and the famed Nazi Bell.

Here we have everything someone who is addicted to these things can ever want.

We have possible aliens, the US Military, and Nazis.

No conspiracy is complete without Nazis, and when you combine those Nazis with Aliens… Pay dirt!

Let’s dive!

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Mars crash UFO

Someone created a compelling video offering forth a hypothesis to explain a Martian surface anomaly as a crashed UFO, or alien spacecraft.

Some of this Youtube content is pretty compelling in the way that they construct it. Even if you don’t buy the hypothesis (I don’t on this one) you HAVE TO respect the work they put into such content and of course the number of views that they amass.

Cryptopark seeks truth, not sensationalism, and if something doesn’t look real enough then it’s not offered up as anything but entertainment, which this one is certainly entertaining.

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I wonder about deceased pets like shadow cat or ghost dog and such.

What’s that, you say?

Yeah, people see ghosts all the time. Why not those of deceased pets rather than just of people? But pets are animals and don’t have souls, some religious say.

Bull-crap, I say.

I used to be on the fence but now I am not.

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Rendlesham Forest Incident Binary Code Images Decoded

rendlesham craft

The Rendlesham Forest (UK) Incident is a real doozy.  The Rendlesham Forest Incident binary code images have all been decoded with an algorithm and it had produced what looks to me like old videogame character low res images that are pixelated.

Could it be that futuristic aliens or humans from the future are still playing Atari Firefox?

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Years ago there was a story about a possible “time traveler” that came from none other than noted, and at times controversial, alien abductee author, Whitley Strieber, about an incident involving his wife and her friend.

This is one wild story, and considering the source, I’m surprised that it hasn’t gotten MUCH more attention from the investigative community.

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New York Bigfoot Encounters But Still No Proof

New York Bigfoot encounters, as with any Bigfoot encounters outside of the Pacific Northwest, are the redheaded stepchild of the Bigfoot world. For years I thought that the only sightings of this creature were in and near the Pacific Northwest, and I was surprised when I began to become aware that this creature has been sighted numerous times in pretty much every state in the Continental United States and Alaska.

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North Carolina Bigfoot Scared Off by Yorkie

What do you get when you mix an alleged Bigfoot, a tiny Yorkie, and some guy with a phone camera?

You get a newly popular Bigfoot film out of North Carolina that has been circulated online.

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Russian Yeti Leaves One Good Footprint

Why is it that usually the Yeti and Bigfoot only leaves one good footprint? With the obvious answers like “that’s what you get in rough terrain” and “weather washes most of them away”, you have to scratch your head and wonder why it’s usually just one good print per major footprint sighting.

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The Black Knight Spacecraft, Real or Fiction?

black knight craft

Every so often those of us who are interested in the UFO phenomenon ask ourselves, have we seen everything there is to see or wonder about? We hear of the alien craft, the abductions, the mysterious “Men in Black”, even strange tales of the hovering lizard alien, or the revelations of the very believable Dan Aykroyd, but then another one comes out of left field and equally surprising is that it has been around as a legend or story of interest since at least the 1950’s, and many say since the 1800’s and Nikola Tesla’s time.

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The Flatwoods Monster is just one of those things that defies all logic.

There, I’ve said it.

Here we have, and let me get this straight, a monster/alien that has been seen around this area in West Virgina since the 1950’s. Now, this ain’t no regular monster. It’s not some wildman cryptid roaming around the outdoors.

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