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Assessing the Kecksburg Incident and Nazi Bell Theory

Kecksburg UFO

Oh where to start with this one. Rarely in UFO history do we have 2 major conspiracy laced UFO theories totally cross over and merge into one giant doozy of a conspiracy as we have with the Kecksburg Incident and the famed Nazi Bell.

Here we have everything someone who is addicted to these things can ever want.

We have possible aliens, the US Military, and Nazis.

No conspiracy is complete without Nazis, and when you combine those Nazis with Aliens… Pay dirt!

Let’s dive!

There are many long dry write ups on these subjects and by all means you can read several which I will happily link to so that you may assess them on your own and read the feedback to those articles.

I plan to give a basic backgrounder for those who either may not have heard one or all of the theories and of course add my own brand of analysis and opinion to them.

Hey it’s FUN!

I guess that we should start at…

The Nazi Bell

Ever since I was a kid in grade school, before the Internet as we know it existed, there were these conspiracy theories floating around about Nazis and how Hitler may have escaped justice after WW2 and maybe was living in some secret U-Boat base in Antarctica.

I had heard of all kinds of German wonder weapons or miracle weapons, known in German as Wunderwaffen.

Two very notable and deployed wunderwaffen would be the V2 Rockets and also the Messerschmitt Me-163.    There was also a tiny rocket powered fighter concept that never saw service but it is seen in testing flights in many WW2 film clips about the wunderwaffen.

The Nazi Bell is also known as the Die Glocke and is listed, along with Nazi UFOs, as a fictitious wunderwaffen by Wikipedia.

The Bell is theorized to have looked something like this.

Nazi Bell - Die Glocke

Since The Allies had bombed the regular German factory complexes into ruins, the Nazis turned to underground facilities in order to construct their wunderwaffen.  The Nazis had underground factories that were manned by troops controlling slave laborers. It was a brutal system run by a brutal regime.

Many died constructing and operating these underground facilities.

It has been theorized that Die Glocke, the Nazi Bell, was constructed and tested within one of these facilities, at Der Riese, in southern Poland, near the present day Czech border.

Many of the programs that repeat this lore also zero in on these concrete structures which they kindly overlay with modern CGI, showing a Nazi Bell tethered to the concrete frame during testing. It’s a pretty cool visual, showing this Die Glocke moving around, tethered to a base by three chains.

It makes one very marketable theory.


I remember watching one of the popular UFO shows, UFO Hunters, and they did a nice episode on this where they showed the CGI I just mentioned.

The funny thing is that the skeptical guy on the show did some research and took them to nearby Wroclaw, Poland, and found another exact same concrete structure, and guess what? They were merely stands for some sort of water tower! There was an industrial factory near the one in Wroclaw and there was a factory building near the one near Der Riese that the other guys were trying to say was a testing structure for the Nazi Bell.

It’s funny because the die hard UFO guys were standing there open jawed as their theory as to the purpose of these concrete structures was just taken apart by their astute cohort. They even came up with some cockamamy reasoning that it was made to look like a cooling tower base to “hide it in plain sight”.

Stupid. The UFO Hunter guy who said that, the older guy… I wanted to slap him through the TV when he said that. The smart guy was looking at them like WTF.

So anyway, the Nazi Bell is surmised to operate using some kind of violet glowing radioactive”Xerum 525″ mercury like liquid, as well as another “lightmetal” liquid, and it fills two counter rotating cylinders inside the device, creating an effect wave that can extend out 300 meters or 660 feet from the device, and which can do all sorts of damage to living cells. (crystals forming in animal tissue, blood gelling and separating, and plant matter turing to a grease like substance) That’s pretty horrible stuff.  Oh, and several scientists who worked with it are said to have died, presumably as a result of the energy produced by the device and this weird glowing liquid metal fuel. What story involving Nazi high tech is complete without green slime that causes death? I make light of that because there is absolutely zero proof of any of this so far.

The Nazi Bell is distinctly different from another Wunderwaffen, the Nazi UFO, so that implies that the Bell is NOT merely a flying machine.

What is it? What is the purpose?

Well, they’ve come up with some sort of space time warping effect that basically makes it a time machine. Think of it as the Nazi version of Dr. Who’s Tardis, maybe without the massive inside vs small outside, but hey, who knows. Maybe they’ll work that into the theory. If anyone reads that they’ve got new accounts of numerous Nazi troops marching into or out of one of these things then tell them you heard it here first and I have dibs on that one!

Another aspect of the story is that the SS general in charge, Hans Kammler, was never arrested or found, so he must have used the Bell to time travel and escape the end of World War II.

That all sounds great, until you read up on the several accounts of people actually testifying that they did indeed view his corpse and that he appeared to have committed suicide by cyanide. (a popular way to escape Allied Justice by all of the fashionable Nazis) Another theory says that the US Government made a deal and got him out, but again, that is just “too conspiracy” to really be true, and you can’t prove it one way or the other.

So, we have this Nazi Bell, which there is ZERO tangible proof ever existed beyond conspiracy hearsay and media entertainment value, and the tale is full of inconsistencies and outright historical fabrication.

All we have is the testimony of Igor Witkowski, who SAYS that he was shown evidence of interrogation records of SS officer Jakob Sporenberg, by a Polish intelligence officer that he had to write down by hand and wasn’t allowed to photocopy.

Hey, no one wants that Bell to exist more than me. I mean, it’s a work of art, but I see no reason to believe it’s anything but a legend or hoax.

But, let’s go on to the next incident which comes later in time.

The Kecksburg Pennsylvania Incident

On December 9, 1965, a fireball was seen in six US states and Ontario, Canada.

There was an apparent crash landing of something, perhaps this fireball, in a wooded area near Kecksburg on that date.

The story goes on to describe how the locals went into the woods and saw lights and smoke, and found where this craft had crashed and skidded through the woods and came to a stop with the nose cone diagonally embedded in the earth.

They allegedly described an acorn like, or BELL shaped craft, that had glyph type writing around the craft along the thickened base.

Apparently witnesses state that there were no rivets and that it looked to be molded from one piece of metal.

I have read everything from no one really saw anything and there was no military presence, to the military did come and cordon off the area but no one was in the woods and ever saw an actual craft or the military cart one out, to the full blown story about the craft, retrieval, and coverup.

Who do you believe with this crazy story?

As usual, it’s hard to discern fact from fiction.

As soon as I am about to buy the story that nothing really happened except for the fireball in the sky, Wikipedia has this account of John Murphy, who was said to eventually be interrogated and later murdered by the notorious “Men in Black”.

Then there is this newspaper article floating around but you can’t read it or tell if it’s real or fake.

Right on the heels of that is the newspaper article about the military coming out and saying it was actually a missile reentry vehicle that was being tested, which many have sort of debunked as a typical military lie.


Merging of the Tales of the Nazi Bell and the Kecksburg Acorn UFO


All of the inconsistencies and competing details of each subject aside, they have managed to somehow combine these two events into a timeline where the Kecksburg UFO is actually said to be the Nazi Bell, or a military descendent of it.

You see, the Nazi Bell and this Kecksburg thing kind of share some shape characteristics, even though there are no real photos at all of either.

They are both narrow at the top and wide at the bottom and said to have glyph type symbols around the bottom wide edge.

Again, the only “pictures” of these things are artist renditions based on hearsay.

There’s no proof that either of these things ever really existed as the stories say they did.

The story goes that the evil Nazi SS General, Hans Kammler, took the Nazi Bell and went off into another dimension and time travelled to escape WW2 Allied Justice. If he did, how is the ting controlled and how does a general know how to operate such a device if it’s real? Did he take a pilot with him? How many people can fit inside?

These questions are pretty much answered by the sound of crickets.

Another story says that he cut a deal with the Allies as they did with other Nazi scientists as the Allies divvied up the German scientists after the War. Most wanted to go with the Western Allies but some got taken by the Soviets. (tough luck for them)

This is how the US-Soviet Space Race got started. That part if historical fact, but the Nazi Bell add on is not.

The Kecksburg UFO is then said to be an American offshoot of the captured Nazi Bell that American and German scientists were building after the War.

Again, this story makes no sense either. Are we really to believe that in the 1940’s, the Nazis had these working Bell craft and then some 20 years later with German scientist help, American scientists could only fashion this acorn thing and it can’t even fly right? Why do they even have it flying? The Nazi Bell wasn’t a UFO per se but more a time or interdimensional craft, but it’s descendant is a flying machine?


It’s a great story, and it plays perfectly side by side with the Antarctic Nazi UFO lore that has also been invented to fool and entertain the gullible, but none of it comes with any real evidence, no genuine photos, and no real witnesses.

What is MOST likely is that the stories about the Die Glocke are fabrications and it never really existed, and that the Kecksburg UFO was really the Soviet Cosmos 96 (failed Venus probe) which crashed to Earth the same day. It had the acorn shape, and since it reentered the Earth’s atmosphere with the characteristic high heat and the appendages burned or sheared off from reentry, so perhaps that is why the witnesses thought it was solid with no rivets.

The glyph carvings could very well have been Russian Cyrillic letters, which can look like glyphs to a 1960’s small town American witness who had no knowledge of anything Russian.

The military presence would also be explained by a crashed and captured Soviet space probe, which don’t forget, this was at a height of the Cold War and US Soviet “Space Race”.

Soviet Cosmos 96

Say your piece about these fantastic tales below.

Again, I am an open minded skeptic, and would love for some of this stuff to be true, but it just doesn’t hold water.




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