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Werewolves in America: The Gable Film

This is a quick writeup about the infamous Gable Film, which was a homemade horror film which was seen by some as evidence of a werewolf like creature in the American Northern Midwest.

When you first see the Gable Film, without knowing about it, you get this eerie feeling that you are watching something that you’re not supposed to see.

It is grainy and appears to be shot in the early to mid 1970’s. There is a long haired man chopping wood and many period vehicles.  There are people riding vintage snowmobiles and the whole thing looks like a period film shot on one of those old movie cameras.

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More Dan Aykroyd on UFO’s

Dan Aykroyd unplugged ufos

Dan Aykroyd is a famous comedian and movie actor who is taken seriously by many simply because they are fans and because he is famous.

Let’s not get the wrong idea here.  I’m not making fun of Mr. Aykroyd.

People like him are what is needed to get a serious healthy discussion about the repercussions for the discovery and confirmation of advanced alien life.

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The Habituation Approach to Finding Bigfoot

There are some Bigfoot people out there who claim that they have been in contact with and observing these forest creatures for a long time, and that they would have never had this contact if they had followed the approach that most people follow, and the ones that the popular TV shows seem to advocate.

It might be why the TV show people NEVER observe Bigfoot.

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UFO Disclosure Session from 1991

Well, either this guy doesn’t fear reprisal, or he’s a heck of a story teller.  Here these guys are sitting under some trees and you can hear jets screaming overhead and cars going by the whole time.  He’s drawing diagrams of living quarters for secret bases, telling about being next to space ships, describing how they appear to operate, and noting that none of these vehicles ever have any dust or dirt on them.  Apparently this is part of a DVD series called “UFO Hypothesis”.

So, I’m watching this thing as I am typing this, and the title says “VP Dick Cheney inspects captured UFO’s”, so of course that got my attention.

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Swedish Lake Monster

It seems that everyone these days has their own lake monster.  The Scots have the most famous one, in Lochness.  There is the Lake Champlain monster in New York, Ireland has one, Canada has one, and so do many other countries it seems.

Well, add the Swedes to the list!

Ostersund, Sweden.  Do all of these places really need more tourist money?  Well, who doesn’t?

They have photographic & video footage of this lake monster going way back to the 1980’s.

It’s worth a watch, but it’s not in English.

Dan Aykroyd on UFOs

Dan Aykroyd unplugged ufos

I bet that many people out there have no idea that the famous actor, Dan Aykroyd, is quite the UFO buff.  He has had experiences and has interviewed people.  The special that this video is taken from is a really good one and you should rent it. Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFO’s… It was on Netflix streaming, and might still be somewhere online, so it’s worth a look if you can track it down.

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Iceland Ice Worm

I dunno…  I heard about this Xcreature from Destination Truth, where Josh Gates takes his team all over the world in search of cryptozoological creatures.  They didn’t get footage as good as this.  They mention this being a frozen fishing net or ice, but it moves too much like a worm or snake.  Now remember, this is ICELAND.

I guess icy water can flow in such a way as to make something inanimate like a fishing net move like this, but isn’t that FREAKY?

No matter how you cut it, this is some cool as crap footage of the Iceland Ice Worm

Man Chases a Bigfoot Through the Woods in Canada

Here we have a video where a guy catches a bigfoot crossing a road and ducking into the woods.  So what does this guy do?  He chases it into the woods to get a better video of it.  Now, off course this can all be staged.  It’s totally impossible to tell if it’s a guy in a suit or the real deal.  Many will never believe that anything like this is real, and while people like me are open minded, I can’t say it’s real or fake.

Kudos for the video because it’s a great piece of work whether genuine or staged.

Okay, in the words of that newscaster, let’s go to the videotape!

A mystery cephalopod or jellyfish like creature was spotted in a busy Bristol, UK, harbour and photographed/videoed by baffled onlookers.  Scientists are not sure what the creature is, although they have guessed.

Some scientists have guessed that it could be a special type of jellyfish or a marine salp.  I have seen pictures of marine salp, and while it bears a resemblence, this one looks way bigger than I thought they could get.

It just goes to show, that with the oceans making up 75% of the Earth’s surface and going several miles deep in many spots, there is A LOT of volume for all sorts of unkown creatures to live.  Every so often, one comes up to say “Hi!”


Information on Bigfoot is Plentiful

If you are looking for information on Bigfoot, then the best place to start would be the Bigfoot Research Organization at BRFO.NET.  They have catalogued sightings by region and state, but not all are catalogued.  For example, I know that you can find sightings from Sullivan County NY on the internet but nothing is listed in the BRFO catalog.
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