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UFO Disclosure Session from 1991

Well, either this guy doesn’t fear reprisal, or he’s a heck of a story teller.  Here these guys are sitting under some trees and you can hear jets screaming overhead and cars going by the whole time.  He’s drawing diagrams of living quarters for secret bases, telling about being next to space ships, describing how they appear to operate, and noting that none of these vehicles ever have any dust or dirt on them.  Apparently this is part of a DVD series called “UFO Hypothesis”.

So, I’m watching this thing as I am typing this, and the title says “VP Dick Cheney inspects captured UFO’s”, so of course that got my attention.

Another strange statement was that he witnessed them bringing in a UFO that was full of sediment and it was apparently buried in 1000-2000 year old sediment. Wow, I never heard a UFO story mentioning archeological UFO’s, but they have been mentioned in movies so it’s not like it’s never been thought up.

He methodically describes all of these ships that are stored in different bays.

He states that they can’t figure out how to open up the roundish archeological UFO.

They talk about US Disc fleets created from back engineered alient craft, and even target practice used on them.

They use unmarried young men with limited family ties who are recruited as they come into the military and groomed for these secret training and academies.  They end up servicing the disc fleets or flying the discs.

They get better pay and all of the perks and they DO NOT TALK about this.  This is known as the “Ghost Squadron”.  If they talk they are probably killed so no one talks.  So how does this guy know about it?  You decide.  Bullshit or not?

Oh, they also claim that the US regularly patrols the Earth with this fleet and shoots down visitors.  They also state that the Russians have some too.

One of the most amazing statements is when Wendelle Stevens states that the hacker, Gary McKinnon, who stole US black project secrets stated that he found out that the US has at least three spacecraft carriers (Aircraft carrier sized space ships) out in space, with a live aboard compliment crew, filled with operational discs that carry beam weapons. The spacecraft carriers are all secretly commissioned ships that have carrier type names. This hacker stated this at one time but now he states that he never saw this information. Apparently they are trying to get this hacker back into the US to silence him.

I dunno, guys.  seems like a lot of uncorroborated information.  Fanciful at the least and amazing at the most.


I had a full article in images here which added some interesting background information, but they were lost. If I ever find them again I will replace them here.

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