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Our Brief Encounters with Deceased Pets Shadow Cat and Old Beagle

I wonder about deceased pets like shadow cat or ghost dog and such.

What’s that, you say?

Yeah, people see ghosts all the time. Why not those of deceased pets rather than just of people? But pets are animals and don’t have souls, some religious say.

Bull-crap, I say.

I used to be on the fence but now I am not.

My wife used to tell me that she would see this little shadow creature moseying around my parent’s old house. She is sensitive and tends to attracts, things…

I don’t usually see such things.

I’m not cut off from these, mind you.

After my grandfather passed in 1999 (we were close), I felt his presence and there were some things that happened. Like, the time I had a dream before my sone was born about holding a little blond baby boy and trying to get to my grandfather across a crowded floor to show him and the dream ended. Later on my son was born and he was born with blond hair and blue eyes. There was never any gender tests done so it was a surprise.

Then there was my back operation in 2000. I mentioned to my sister after that I silently asked grandpa to watch over me and she went white. I asked what the problem was. She told me that my grandmother told her that at the time I was under, she heard my grandfather’s voice from the TV room calling out MY name. (!!!) I obviously didn’t know this when I told her and she only told me after I told her my bit.

There are many other things of this nature in my life, but they happen infrequently enough to make you fall back into a sense of disbelief.

So, back to my wife seeing a small lumbering shadow guy from time to time at my parents old house.

That would be Elmo, our old Beagle who we found in the New York Catskill mountains when he was only about 2 or three years old. He was likely a lost hunting Beagle and we took him in after asking all over if anyone lost a dog.

He lived with us for about 10 or 11 years before he got old and sick, and passed away.

So yeah I don’t really doubt that my wife may have noticed something, especially since the little shadow guy was traversing a well known Elmo pathway around the middle floor where he lived most of his life.

So, time goes on.

We have a small dog and a black cat – her pets from before we started dating, and they have moved with us from apartment to rental to a 2 year stint at my parents house before we moved into the house we are now in.

The cat was very old and about a year in, he got very sick and passed.

Beanie was his name.

He was a cool black cat.

After a few weeks of listening to my wife lament the loss of her black cat, I started looking for an adoption. I wanted one without front claws because we have some leather furniture, and the old cat had his front claws be he was old and didn’t do much.

A younger cat is a different story.

I would never have a cat’s claws removed, but there are many out there already like that and they need homes too, and I found one. He’s big and sleek like a panther and we love him even though he eats us out of house and home and gives out aging Japanese Chin, Charlie, a rough time.

One morning I was about to go from the main floor to upstairs via the staircase, and I looked up.  It was early and the sun was just coming out. It was as if the house had a “haze”. It was a particularly warm early autumn.

I look up and what do I see?

I see the silhouette of a cat run from our bedroom to our daughter’s room.

I know what I saw. It was a cat. Looked like a black cat.

I even yelled at it thinking it was our new cat. I was like, “Hey what are you doing up there?”, because I don’t want him in the bedroom.

I walk around quickly to the kitchen eating area to tell my wife who is in the downstairs shower, and who do I almost trip over but our black cat who is lounging on the tile floor!

Even if he were a sprinter there is no way it could have been him.

He was even relaxing, almost asleep, it seemed.

So, I told my wife about it a few days later because at the time we were scrambling off to take daughter to preschool and me off to catch my commuter bus into New York City.

She said she’s seen shadow “animals” that are here and there and she’s a true believer, but I usually look for the “logical” explanation and am the family debunker.

I know what I saw that morning, and it was a fast running CAT moving from one room to the other, and it wasn’t OUR cat, and there are no other physical cats here.

Do with that what you will.

Have any of these stories of your own?

Comment below.

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