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Dan Aykroyd on UFOs

Dan Aykroyd unplugged ufos

I bet that many people out there have no idea that the famous actor, Dan Aykroyd, is quite the UFO buff.  He has had experiences and has interviewed people.  The special that this video is taken from is a really good one and you should rent it. Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFO’s… It was on Netflix streaming, and might still be somewhere online, so it’s worth a look if you can track it down.

Dan Aykroyd is no nut or crazy.  He’s a very smart logical guy.  The guy is a multi millionaire many times over, so he doesn’t need the notoriety or any extra publicity. He’s obviously driven by real passion.

Dan Aykroyd even had an encounter with the infamous Men in Black, right near Times Square in New York City.  In this very movie, he recounts a story where he saw them in a car not far away just staring at him.  He turns away for a few seconds, then looks back, and they and their car vanished into thin air.  There was nowhere to vanish so quickly because you can see right down the street in either direction.  That’s very spooky, and right in Times Square.  Maybe it was a warning to shut up since he is so famous and well liked that he is one person who can get otherwise skeptical people thinking about it.

Dan Aykroyd unplugged ufos

So there you have it, Dan Aykroyd is a UFO believer…  No, not just believer.. ACTIVIST.

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