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Information on Bigfoot is Plentiful

If you are looking for information on Bigfoot, then the best place to start would be the Bigfoot Research Organization at BRFO.NET.  They have catalogued sightings by region and state, but not all are catalogued.  For example, I know that you can find sightings from Sullivan County NY on the internet but nothing is listed in the BRFO catalog.

I am particularly interested in southern New York State because I go there frequently in the summer and have gone there my entire life.  I have personally never seen or heard one, but to know that the legendary Xcreature is not limited to the Pacific Northwest and has been seen in every state in the US is something that has recently taken me by surprise.  So, I have searched out information on Bigfoot myself lately.

In searching for information on Bigfoot in New York State, I came across an intriguing sighting that was not witnessed at the time but is said to have been noticed when the tape was viewed years later.  It shows a figure in the background walking near the tree line and a smaller figure jumping from the back of the larger into the trees and swinging there like a monkey for some time.  This tape has been investigated and is said was not hoaxed.  What could this be?  This same tape was seen on the show Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet, a US cable TV station.  This footage can ONLY be of two things.  It is either a human with some sort of monkey on his back that went for a tree swing, or it’s an adult and juvenile Bigfoot.  That thing was too large and too agile to be a human child.  This is one of the most intriguing pieces of footage that lends credible information on Bigfoot to the store of information on this elusive creature.

You can always search for information on Bigfoot just by using an internet search engine.  There are lots of internet discussion forums that discuss Bigfoot as well as other Cryptozoological creatures, as well as UFOs.  Just be careful of the more fringe sites that go off into the woods with government conspiracies that you may or may not believe in yourself.

Next summer I am going to start using tree knocking and Bigfoot calling to see if anything interesting happens.  We have fruit trees and we are right on a lake so you would think that this would be a place where a Bigfoot would visit.  Then again, is this something that one would want to invite around?  You know the old saying, be careful what you wish for.

If anything interesting happens, then who knows, maybe I will be able to add my own tale to the ever growing body of material that catalogs information on Bigfoot.

Another interesting site for information on Bigfoot is northamericanbigfoot.com, which is a creation of Cliff Barackman from the show, Finding Bigfoot.  Bigfootforums.com is a discussion forum where people can go to discuss the subject of Bigfoot and other Bigfoot like creatures/cousins, like the Yeti, etc.  While there are LOTS of sites, I am going to give final mention to nabigfootsearch.com, which seems to be a pretty in depth site with lots of interesting research information on this creature.

Information on Bigfoot is everywhere you look, but the most credible sites are pretty easy to spot when you reach them.  They are well organized and laid out with a clear path to the information.  Many also let you catalog your own sighting if you have had one.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of places to gather information on Bigfoot, including this blog, which I plan to add articles to on a regular basis.  I plan to blog on not just Bigfoot but also other theorized creatures and also UFOs.
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