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Latest Bigfoot Video is a Stunner

bigfoot film

The latest Bigfoot video is actually a group of recent videos that show a figure walking at night through a night vision viewer, a purported bigfoot sleeping face down int eh grass, and even an eerie face shot.  These don’t have everyone convinced, but a group of scientists have now come out and said that between all of the anecdotal evidence, as well as footprints and now hair samples that have been DNA analyzed, they are comfortable stating that Bigfoot is a real primate species living in North America.  One goes so far as to say that Bigfoot is a human/primate hybrid that goes back about 13,000-15,000 years, and that it is not an animal but a different species of proto human.  Now THAT’s amazing news, if true.

If they are real in North America then that could make them real in many places around the world, because they have been spotted everywhere, including unlikely places like Australia.

They are known by different names around the world.  Sasquatch, Bigfoot, the Yeti, the Grassman, the Skunk Ape, etc.  The latest bigfoot video is spooky, and I have to say that even a big guy as I am, I would probably crap myself if I saw one of them up close and for real.

The latest bigfoot video is one in a long list of videos, but as I said up there, many people think they are fake.  Even the comments below the ABC News story has people claiming it’s all fake. People are skeptical and no one wants to believe that there is a race of monster sized hominids living in our midst.

I would love to go out and shoot my own latest bigfoot video and post it on YouTube.  You have to wonder how many people make these shaky grainy videos only to proclaim them as the latest bigfoot video and rack up the clicks and ad revenue on sites like YouTube..  It does make you wonder.  After all, many hoaxsters have an ulterior financial motive.

It’s too bad because between the hoaxsters and the laughing joking news anchors who report these stories, they really do the story a disservice by not reporting it honestly and without the giggle factor that just discredits all of the work of the serious researchers.

So the next time your neighbor announces that they took the latest bigfoot video, try not to laugh it off until you really look at the footage.  You never know what might be lurking just beyond the tree line.


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