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North Carolina Bigfoot Scared Off by Yorkie

What do you get when you mix an alleged Bigfoot, a tiny Yorkie, and some guy with a phone camera?

You get a newly popular Bigfoot film out of North Carolina that has been circulated online.

That’s pretty much it.

There’s no proof, and the figure is too far away and the resolution not high enough to identify it.

It could be a juvenile Bigfoot.

It could be a guy in a costume.

The camera man could be part of a hoax, or he could be being hoaxed by someone else.

We’ll probably never know.

You be the judge and watch the video attached to the news story, or watch it here.

There are other Bigfoot films out there, so this is nothing new or ground breaking.

We only have that split second clip to go by, and it’s not enough one way or the other.

Some people will poke fun at it while some will accept it without question.

If you’ve read any of my other posts on various phenomena, while I keep an open mind, I need more than this to go on, but as I said above, it’s fun so I’ll take this more than nothing.

I won’t make fun of the guy taking the film because he could very easily be me or you. We might be out there doing something as simple as walking the dog and come across something like this, film it, put it out there, and then get accused of being a hoaxer or someone wanting to make some quick YouTube Google ad click cash… Hey, it can happen but without proof of fraud you have to at least accept that it might be an honest thing until you have proof that it’s a hoax.

Of course some of you don’t believe one way or the other and decide that EVERYTHING BIGFOOT must be a hoax by default.

I don’t know how anyone can be so close minded. You can be open minded and skeptical, which I think is the healthiest way to be regarding the subject.

So, you be the judge as to whether this North Carolina Bigfoot Film is of any value in the hunt to prove or disprove the existence of this large hairy humanoid purported to live in forests around the world.

north carolina bigfoot yorkie north carolina bigfoot yorkie

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