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On the Curious Case of Anne Strieber and the Ladies Room Time Traveler

Years ago there was a story about a possible “time traveler” that came from none other than noted, and at times controversial, alien abductee author, Whitley Strieber, about an incident involving his wife and her friend.

This is one wild story, and considering the source, I’m surprised that it hasn’t gotten MUCH more attention from the investigative community.

The women entered the restroom while Whitley waited outside and was aware of the area including the restroom door, and noted that no one entered or left while his wife and friend were inside.


It goes like this.

The trio recounted their experience and explained that, during this particular event, Anne and Tor went to use the ladies’ room at the Magic Castle while Whitley waited outside. Despite the bathroom being empty when they entered it and Whitley outside watching the door, a woman somehow appeared inside the room and exited behind Anne when she left. Recalling the event, an incredulous Anne pondered that “she had not been in there, so how could she have come out of there?” Having investigated the building to make sure that there was no potential for chicanery by the resident magicians, Tor concluded that “the elements of at least two co-existing time lines were edited together.” Based on her investigation and documentation of the case as well as the fact that it was experienced by three people, Tor asserted that it is “the most important one that has ever been known to happen.”


So, perhaps the woman was in there the entire time and Anne and her friend just didn’t notice and think they did, or maybe the whole thing was made up to sell more books. Anne was an author and her friend Tor was a sketchy psychic.

There have been other cases of possible time travelers abound on the Internet, and one particular one will be the subject of another article when I have the time.

This whole time travel thing bothers me because even to the most fertile of minds open to the fringe of believability, actual flesh and blood time travel seems totally impossible. Just pondering the paradoxes that are at play can be time consuming to the point of inducing madness.

Remember the old grandfather paradox. If I go back in time and murder my own grandfather, how does that ever allow me to exist in the first place to go back in time to do the dreadful deed?? Of course the parallel universe theory does lend some credence by saying that perhaps a parallel universe is created where the new timeline springs forth to accommodate the action, leaving the old universe intact with the living grandpa alive and well to allow the first series of events to play out and me to be born, but when you think about that stuff enough, you ened up going through mental loops, and madness is just a little push away.

There is also the other timeline paradoxes, all based around similar “what if I do something that never happened in history”? How do I change the future? What would the future look like when I return?

So, while Anne Strieber’s bathroom incident is fun to ponder, I am not quite ready to just believe it at face value, no matte how noteworthy the participants are. Whitley Strieber was always one of these weird guys and his book about alien abductions, Communion, was more like reading the fuzzy account of a lucid dream or creation of a mind wracked by mental illness than an actual alien abductee account.

I calls them as I see them, but either way, reading that restroom time traveler account was very spine tingling the first time I read it.

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