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Rendlesham Forest Incident Binary Code Images Decoded

rendlesham craft

The Rendlesham Forest (UK) Incident is a real doozy.  The Rendlesham Forest Incident binary code images have all been decoded with an algorithm and it had produced what looks to me like old videogame character low res images that are pixelated.

Could it be that futuristic aliens or humans from the future are still playing Atari Firefox?

So, the story goes that US military personnel manning a US base in the UK back int he 1980’s experienced an up close encounter with some sort of either space or dimensional or time craft that left a mental impression on one of the men who touched the surface.

The smooth glassy metallic surface of this perfect craft showed some sort of glyphs and when he made physical contact, the serviceman felt some sort of electric charge and some sort of data was imprinted in his mind.

This data came out over years in the form of a binary code that he wrote down and only recently this has been decoded.

There were also visual images that came out in the decoding when a modern computer algorithm was able to decode the code.

The various images show a dog or fox like character and also multiple characters that also look to be in a cockpit of some sort.

rendlesham binary images


rendlesham images figure interpretation

There are more interpretive figure images at the site linked above so make sure to check that out if you are interested in the details of how the algorithm decoded the code.

The fact that this binary code, imparted in the 1980’s and carried for many years, was finally decoded in the 2010’s, and then produced these weird images.

Hoax? I don’t know.

The code was prefixed with the following message:


Trippy, huh?

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