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The Flatwoods Monster Just Seems Too Strange To Be Real

The Flatwoods Monster is just one of those things that defies all logic.

There, I’ve said it.

Here we have, and let me get this straight, a monster/alien that has been seen around this area in West Virgina since the 1950’s. Now, this ain’t no regular monster. It’s not some wildman cryptid roaming around the outdoors.

It’s not purported to be some wild animal humanoid hybrid.

It’s not Bigfoot.

Here we have what is thought to be an alien of some sort.

It’s been seen in two major ways.

One way is that it is fully encased in some kind of floating armor suit where even its head is covered by a helmet.

This space suit gives it the “Ace of Spades” head shape that has been reported.

More than one of these things has been reported at the same time, and at least one report mentioned a mid day sighting by a hunter who saw a few of these across a clearing.

Another way it has been encountered is where the upper half of its body is open while the bottom half is covered by the floating dress like suit that looks like the bottom of a booster rocket.

It produces smoke and allows the beast to hover around.

People in the presence of this this usually get sick and want to vomit.

It has a large reptilian body and head, and three fingers on its hand.

In one instance in the 1950’s it touched the hood of a vehicle and burned the paint off.

You can find all sorts of images of these beasties online, for example:

flatwoods monster search results


Get the picture?


So, let’s use some logic here, for a moment.

Skeptical investigators have attributed the descriptions of this cryptid to observer panic and also barn owls.

The head in the helmet looks suspiciously like the shape of a barn owl.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I could never mistake a barn owl for something in a space suit, but I digress.

Why would reptile aliens travel inter dimensionally or across vast space just to set up shop in the West Virginia woods in order to spook the locals?

It just defies any type of logic, no matter which way you cut it.

Also, for them to hang out there for over 50 years also makes no sense, for a sentient species.

Friends, if this was some wild animal type of cryptid then all bets are off, but observers claim that these creatures are capable of constructing hovering environment suits.

My money, for now, is on some government thing in that area which is hidden and they want to scare people off.

Granted, they have brought more attention to it, and that gives some pause to the whole government conspiracy theory, but right now it’s the only thing that makes any logical sense.

Here’s Monsterquest’s telling of the 1950’s hovering Lizard man encounter:


Pretty wild, huh?

It makes for great TV, but like I said earlier, even if you want to believe, if you have any sort of logical or critical thinking skills, this one is just hard to make sense of.

If anyone out there has really seen one of these in the West Virginia area, please let us know.

For now, the Flatwoods Monster will remain one of those eerie hard to believe tales that one just doesn’t want to totally dismiss.


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