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More Dan Aykroyd on UFO’s

Dan Aykroyd unplugged ufos

Dan Aykroyd is a famous comedian and movie actor who is taken seriously by many simply because they are fans and because he is famous.

Let’s not get the wrong idea here.  I’m not making fun of Mr. Aykroyd.

People like him are what is needed to get a serious healthy discussion about the repercussions for the discovery and confirmation of advanced alien life.

When Joe Blow on the street comes out and talks about his UFO encounter and describes it, no matter how serious he may be and how level headed he is known to be, someone who doesn’t know him will come out and poke fun at him simply because.  Normal everyday people just aren’t taken seriously enough.

Famous people are taken seriously, though.

So, Dan Aykroyd is great news for the UFO sightings and investigation community, and for all of Mankind.

Only a guy like Aykroyd can be on a TV or video broadcast and speak with command on a subject like this, and not be made to feel like he should be in a mental institution.

It’s a sad state of affairs that the UFO phenomenon is always paired with the ridiculous “giggle factor”, but things are what they are.

I highly recommend the video of Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFO’s, as well as the book that he had been plugging with respect to this issue.

Dan Aykroyd is pretty public about his own UFO encounters.

The problem with this issue is that since so many people stealthily believe in the possibility of UFO’s, and because it is a very interesting subject , so that there is much celebrity and possibly financial incentive to hoax a sighting.  It’s a very similar motivation to hoax as the Bigfoot, or any other famous phenomenon.

We humans love to fool other humans, and some of us just want to profit any way we can, so it makes it hard for genuine researchers and scientists to investigate such matters without putting reputations at risk.

So, we end up with the giggle factor, where newscasters crack jokes while reporting on such news.

Remember the time when the governor of Arizona had the press conference about the Phoenix Lights incident and then brought out his aids wearing alien costumes? It’s this sort of thing that actually gets me angry since they perpetuate the idea that anyone who at least wants this stuff investigated is somehow crazy or to be made fun of.  When you make fun of the idea, you make fun of everyone who takes it somewhat seriously.

So, we circle back to Dan Aykroyd, who many people take seriously because of his celebrity, and he is giving a gift to all of the people who still take this seriously by stating publicly that YES this is a real issue and YES even a wealthy successful actor has seen these things and takes them seriously.

So, a big thank you to Dan Aykroyd for not hiding his encounters and for mentioning them in high profile forums and even TV specials dedicated to the subject.  People like him have lent much needed credence to the UFO issue.


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