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New York Bigfoot Encounters But Still No Proof

New York Bigfoot encounters, as with any Bigfoot encounters outside of the Pacific Northwest, are the redheaded stepchild of the Bigfoot world. For years I thought that the only sightings of this creature were in and near the Pacific Northwest, and I was surprised when I began to become aware that this creature has been sighted numerous times in pretty much every state in the Continental United States and Alaska.

What was more eye opening to me was that it’s been sighted in my home state of New Jersey and in nearby New York State as well.

New York State is also a kind of home for me, mainly because there has been mountain lakefront property in my family for several generations going back to my great grandfather.  It’s property that has deep woods to one side across the road, but it’s a pretty populated area otherwise, because of the lake.

When I was younger I was always in the woods and used to drive four wheelers and even a lifted 4×4 pickup through long abandoned logging trails, but I never saw anything, so it was still surprising to me to hear that Bigfoot has been sighted so much in the forests of New York.

But when you think about it, it makes sense…

When I was in the woods, I usually brought a lot of noise with me. The sound of 4 wheeler engines and also my big 4×4 smashing through the woods and tearing of branches that lined the trails…

Bigfoot avoids that, as do many other animals.

Hell, I never even saw a black bear when I was doing that!

So, it’s not very surprising that Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot haven’t found anything yet, including in Whitehall, N.Y.

While they don’t make as much noise as Destination America’s Mountain Monsters crew (I know, I know, the MM crew is like, total fiction, but good fun), they make their share of noise and any stealthy woodland animal, especially an intelligent one, would know how to avoid them like the plague.

This lends credence to the quiet approach to meeting Bigfoot.

You would have a much greater chance of meeting up with something like that if you were quiet and unassuming, than going through the woods with all sorts of high tech equipment and camera men all around you.

Finding Bigfoot did have that film submitted to them, from the Ellenville, NY camping trip in the 1990’s, where a supposed adult and baby Bigfoot were seen in the background, where the juvenile was swinging from the branches like a monkey. If that was staged, then that was a heckuva thing, especially since they waited so long to release it. Makes you think.


As much as I would like to see a Bigfoot just to know myself if they were really real or not, I wouldn’t want to meet one mano a mano in the forest. You never know the temperament of something like that and face it, if he’s real, he could snap you like a twig.

These TV shows are fun, but they are just there to get ratings and advertiser money, and they do a good job at finding that!

What are your opinions on the Bigfoot TV shows? Tell me below.



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  • tony September 22, 2015, 5:08 pm

    Looks like a mamma bear and her cub the time of day is right

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