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The Habituation Approach to Finding Bigfoot

There are some Bigfoot people out there who claim that they have been in contact with and observing these forest creatures for a long time, and that they would have never had this contact if they had followed the approach that most people follow, and the ones that the popular TV shows seem to advocate.

It might be why the TV show people NEVER observe Bigfoot.

Then again, these people might also be fame seeking flakes.

There’s just no proof either way.

It’s an interesting concept, though.

Matthew Johnson is one of these people who claims that he has had regular contact with families of Bigfoot by following the famous approach advocated by Jane Goodall in here studies of the great apes in Africa.

Johnson is a psychologist, so he’s not just some backwoods ex hippie reliving his acid days.

The habituation approach that Johnson advocates is, simply, going into the woods and spending time there while respecting it, and leaving food and gifts for the Bigfoot, so that they get used to humans and see that you aren’t there to harm them.

There are also other people who go to the same conferences that Johnson attends, and they also claim long term contact with the elusive forest humanoids.

I know, I know.

I know what many of you are thinking.

There’s no proof.

Well, you’re kinda right.

Many of these people who state these claims say that THEY have all of the proof that THEY need.  It’s their experience and their own eyes that have seen these things.

They KNOW it’s real enough to them.

Case closed.

You can either go on not believing or go into the woods and follow this approach and have your own first contact.

I would say that you should start in an area where there have been enough sightings.

If you go into the woods blindly, you never know what you might come into contact with.

Do you really need to have a close encounter with a grizzly or black bear, or mountain lion, or maybe some wolves or coyotes?

Make sure that you are prepared and have a way to escape or protect yourself from the wildlife that we know is there.

That is prudent advice for any would be Bigfoot researcher.

Don’t be a careless dope, and end up a statistic.

See ya next time, fellow Bigfoot enthusiasts.



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