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The Black Knight Spacecraft, Real or Fiction?

black knight craft

Every so often those of us who are interested in the UFO phenomenon ask ourselves, have we seen everything there is to see or wonder about? We hear of the alien craft, the abductions, the mysterious “Men in Black”, even strange tales of the hovering lizard alien, or the revelations of the very believable Dan Aykroyd, but then another one comes out of left field and equally surprising is that it has been around as a legend or story of interest since at least the 1950’s, and many say since the 1800’s and Nikola Tesla’s time.

 What is the Black Knight Spacecraft?

Well, no one knows, but it’s purported to be a 13,000 year old aliens satellite that orbits Earth in an erratic and changing orbit, but usually follows a polar orbit. It has been sighted for a long time, from the ground as well as in space, and has been rumored to have shadowed American and international spacecraft, as well as sending out radio transmissions that have been detected as long ago as by the famous scientist, Nikola Tesla, in the 1800’s.

There are many claimed photos of this thing. It has a strange shape, for a satellite, and some ground footage shows it hovering and releasing smaller craft.

I make no bones about applying a skeptical eye to anything and everything. My advice to you is even if you are a believer in strange phenomenon, to not take things completely at face value. There are many hoaxers out there and you just never know what is real and what isn’t.

My skeptical eye on this one says that it could be a real satellite image taken at high altitude, but some of the lower altitude and
“separation” videos could be using a shape based on that to create continuation, and then using cheap CGI animation to create the illusion of a real alien spacecraft sending out drones.

I don’t know what the real story is any more than you, but you have to at least hold out the possibility that some clever hoaxer and YouTube ratings seeker. (since that equals Google advertising revenue)

Here is one of those high YouTube ratings videos for you to ponder, and keep what I said in mind.


Okay, so it’s constructed to be convincing. What you should always keep in mind is that they’re making YouTube advertising money as well as apparently seeking t-shirts and stuff.

How hard is it to get some cgi artist to create some fake footage? Have you seen the power in your average home computer with the proper software?

Am I saying it’s definitely a hoax?


I don’t know either way, so if you choose to believe then that’s your choice.

Do I believe it?

Not without more proof.

As I said, it’s just not that hard to fake something like this and when you follow the money train you can see that whoever is producing and posting this video has ample financial incentive to create something that gets lots of clicks. Between the Google Adsense ads and the merchandising on the host site that it points to, you be the judge.

It’s a nice concept though, and IF this is in ANY WAY true, then this is a fascinating subject, since an over 100 year old spacecraft orbiting Earth and having the ability to send out smaller probes IS a very unnerving capability. Seeing that this craft can also come into close to the ground heights makes it that much more interesting that just being an orbiting satellite.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Well, the word on the street is now that this was a thermal blanket lost from a Space Shuttle… You be the judge.

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