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UFO Crash Site on Mars vs Natural Martian Surface Anomaly

Mars crash UFO

Someone created a compelling video offering forth a hypothesis to explain a Martian surface anomaly as a crashed UFO, or alien spacecraft.

Some of this Youtube content is pretty compelling in the way that they construct it. Even if you don’t buy the hypothesis (I don’t on this one) you HAVE TO respect the work they put into such content and of course the number of views that they amass.

Cryptopark seeks truth, not sensationalism, and if something doesn’t look real enough then it’s not offered up as anything but entertainment, which this one is certainly entertaining.

The photo from Mars is of a surface anomaly that, once again, can look like anything that the human visual and nervous system can turn it into via the miracle of Pareidolia.

You get the right lighting and shadows, and poor resolution, and you can surmise this shape is everything from a crashed aliens spaceship to a giant Dove chocolate heart.

It always amazes me at the comments on these things. There are a LOT of gullible and non critical thinking people out there who will literally buy anything that fits into their preconceived notions.

I want the TRUTH, not some tripe that will merely back up my desire to believe.

There are so many compelling UFO related items out there, and this sort of thing does NOTHING to advance the field.

Check this out. You have to see for yourself.

As you can see, they do a nice graphical overlay of alien spacecraft texture, which might make some people think they are seeing what is actually on Mars vs the real photo here.

UFO heart shaped Mars

The problem here is that if you look for various Mars photos you can see everything from crashed Star Wars Star Destroyers to massive penises littering the surface of the Red Planet.

It’s very hard to take the whole thing seriously, and you have to realize that whoever is creating these videos, they have plenty of incentive to create such far fetched works since if they get enough views, they can earn quite a bit from Google/YouTube advertising.

But, people still take these things seriously and buy into the computer graphics overlays, and if you challenge them you end up being “part of the coverup” and must be getting government payments to further the conspiracy.

Where can I get those government payments?  They’d come in handy, but there is no government payment program for skeptics.

Cryptopark is genuinely interested in the subject and totally accepts the POSSIBILITY of extraordinary things occurring, but this silly video and hypothesis ain’t it.

There are many reports by credible people and even celebrities, so how does computer graphic overlaying poor resolution Mars photos advance our understanding of the phenomenon?

If you follow the Google Images link above, you can see that there are literally hundreds of these visual anomalies, and any poor resolution collection of photos taken in such a rocky and shadowy terrain will yield such photographic “evidence”.

If you took a similarly large collection of poor resolution photos of any similar terrain, I would bet you dollars to donuts that you would get a similar collection of “alien spacecraft”, along with some of Darth Vader’s fleet and maybe a penis or two.

Your mileage may vary.

These sensationalistic creations only hurt the field of serious Ufology because they create more of a “giggle factor”, give closed minded people more ammunition to discredit the whole field, and provide more cover for any real government conspiracies that may be happening with regard to any possible alien technology transfers or even human only Black Ops type of programs and craft.



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